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Unformatted text preview: e turnover and communication. Others find that investors like the lower costs. INSTRUCTIONS Define offshoring in your own words and discuss its potential advantages and disadvantages for a business. Your Part-Time Job Students often seek part-time jobs to earn some spending money. PERSONAL FINANCE ACTIVITY Ask your friends who have jobs how their hours worked are reported to the payroll accountant. Write a report discussing the different methods of reporting hours worked. PERSONAL FINANCE ONLINE Log on to and click on Student Center. Click on Making It Personal and select Chapter 12. Analyzing Employee Productivity One measure of productivity is the average sales dollars generated by each employee. For example, in a company with total revenue of $1,480,000 and 20 employees, sales per employee are $74,000, calculated as follows: Total Revenue Number of Employees Sales per Employee Internet Project Calculating this measure from period to period How do people get paid? Visit or one part of a company to another can identify glencoeaccounting productivity changes. If sales per employee and click change greatly, the owner needs to learn why. on Student Center. Click on INSTRUCTIONS Answer these questions using WebQuest and select Unit 3 to Roadrunner’s income statement on page 222. continue your Internet project. 1. If Roadrunner has two employees including the owner, what is the revenue per employee? 2. Suppose Roadrunner hires two more delivery people. The next month’s revenue increases to $5,400. How has the productivity per employee changed? 308-337_CH12_868829.indd 337 Chapter 12 Real-World Applications and Connections 337 9/15/05 11:46:51 AM...
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