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Unformatted text preview: roofread the draft. Make sure there is a supporting paragraph for each main point. Also check for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 3. Prepare the final document. Payroll Information Payroll clerks have access to personal information about employees, such as rate of pay and marital status. Imagine that you are the payroll clerk for a clothing store like Gap. Your friend Janet, who also works at the store, is interested in one of the sales clerks. She wants you to find out how much money he makes and whether he is married. ETHICAL DECISION MAKING 1. What are the ethical issues? 4. How do the alternatives affect the parties? 2. What are the alternatives? 5. What would you do? 3. Who are the affected parties? Evaluating Direct Deposit A new co-worker has the choice of receiving a paycheck or using direct deposit. She asks for your recommendation. Write a paragraph explaining direct deposit and recommending whether or not your co-worker should use it. Chapter 12 Real-World Applications and Connections 308-337_CH12_868829.indd 336 9/15/05 11:46:47 AM Real-World Applications and Connections Skills Beyond NUMBERS INTERNATIONAL Accounting Making It Personal Analyzing Financial Reports CHAPTER 12 Integrity Employees who demonstrate integrity are able to make ethical decisions. ON THE JOB As a payroll clerk for Fun ‘n’ Games Amusement Park, you have access to confidential information about employees. Your friend and co-worker, Mark Arnold, asked you to divulge payroll information about Melissa Porter, who has the same job title he has. Melissa just received a pay raise. Mark did not. INSTRUCTIONS Write a few sentences explaining how you would respond to Mark’s request. Offshoring Offshoring is the practice of U.S. companies using overseas providers for certain tasks. For example, technology companies like IBM and Microsoft have used programmers in India, mainly because overseas salaries are lower than U.S. salaries. Results have been mixed. Some companies report problems in employe...
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