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Unformatted text preview: tax table. d. none of these 5. Jacqueline earns 18% commission on sales. Her sales for three months were: $2,870, $3,150, and $3,940. What was her total commission for the three months? a. $9,960.00 b. $1,792.08 Need Need More Help? c. $1,792.80 Go to nd Go to and d. $1,792.81 click on Student Center. Click on Winning Competitive Events and select Chapter 12. • Practice Questions and Test-Taking Tips • Concept Capsules and Terminology 308-337_CH12_868829.indd 335 Chapter 12 Winning Competitive Events 335 10/13/05 10:23:20 PM CHAPTER 12 Real-World Applications and Connections Critical Thinking Payroll Accounting CASE Payroll: Financial Planning a er mattof )) STUDY ETHICS $ )) Communicating ACCOUNTING 336 1. Define gross earnings. 2. Compare and contrast gross earnings and net pay. 3. Classify the following deductions as voluntary or required by law: county income tax, dental insurance payment, federal income tax, Medicare insurance payment, United Way donation, vision insurance payment. 4. Refer to the payroll register on page 320 and look at the entry for Amy Cole. What documents were used to calculate Amy’s net pay? 5. You need to create a new employee’s earnings record for an employee whose record has been lost. What information will you need, and where will you find it? 6. Justify the fact that a business can have different pay categories for employees. You are employed by Tallman Financial Advisors, owned by Marcy Tallman. Parker’s Framing hired Tallman to design its payroll system. Parker’s Framing will offer group health insurance to its employees and a retirement plan that will require contributions from both the employer and employees. Marcy has assigned the Parker’s Framing payroll project to you. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Draft a one-page report describing the payroll system you would design for Parker’s Framing. Include information on payroll forms, how hours worked will be collected, and payroll deductions. 2. P...
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