A monolithically integrated on chip fet acts as a

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Unformatted text preview: vibration free thermo-electric coolers; any generated heat is dissipated by passive convection without the need for additional cooling. •  A monolithically integrated on-chip FET acts as a signal amplifier and supports improved energy resolution. •  The sideward depletion of the active detector volume in connection with the integrated drift structure provides an extremely small detector capacitance that enables the use of fast signal processing techniques. •  The pulse throughput of SDDs is higher than that of e.g. Si(Li) by more than an order of magnitude. •  A super thin radiation entrance window separates the sensitive detector area from the ambient atmosphere and guarantees a good transmission for the X-rays of interest. X-ray Wavelength as ƒ(E)! •  In describing x-rays, we make use of both the energy of the x-ray E(keV) and its associated wavelength (nm), which are related by the following expression: = 1.2398 nm E where E is the photon energy in keV. •  Energy of the excited x-r...
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