The term is called the mass depth and normalizes for

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Unformatted text preview: in emission of characteristic x-rays –  E.g. in a Ni Fe alloy, Ni K radiation is higher than excitation energy for Fe K radiation –  Therefore more Fe K radiation is emitted from sample than is generated by the incident electron beam –  Since x-rays travel further distances than electrons in matter, atoms can fluoresce even when far removed from the electron interaction volume. CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 13 ! 35 X-ray Generation with Depth, (z):! X-ray generation varies with depth as well as with atomic number. To compare the production of x-rays at various depths, we use a relative or normalized generated intensity, which varies with depth, called (z). The term is called the mass depth, and normalizes for the density of different sample materials. The amount of x-ray production is a function of the amount of elastic scattering, the initial electron-beam energy, and the energy of the x-ray line of interest. The x-ray production varies with depth due...
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