Happens within the sample and what happens within the

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Unformatted text preview: get absorbed –  In so doing, can cause fluorescence of other x-ray lines •  The x-rays that exit the free surface of the sample do not exactly correspond to the x-ray spectrum generated within sample –  ZAF / phi-rho-Z correction •  •  •  •  An energy dispersive detector collects the resulting x-rays The detection system degrades the spectrum Displays the familiar EDS spectrum Extract peak intensities from spectrum Two separate issues – what happens within the sample and what happens within the detection system! CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 13 ! 28 Within the Sample! •  Once it is established what came out of the sample surface, need to run ZAF to determine what was generated •  Z - Atomic number •  A - Absorption •  F - Fluorescence of lower Z atom s x-ray by absorption of an x-ray photon CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 13 ! 29 How Does One Get From Spectrum to Quantitative Data?! •  Extract from spectrum intensities for each line –  Account for detector artifacts –  Strip background –  Deconvolute overlapping peaks •  Discard int...
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