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Unformatted text preview: the Royal Engineers of the British Army. Moseley was assigned to the force of British Empire soldiers that invaded the region of Gallipoli, Turkey, in April 1915, as a telecommunications officer. In a tragic loss to science, Moseley was shot and killed during the Battle of Gallipoli on August 10, 1915, at the age of just 27. Some prominent authors, such as the biochemist Dr. Isaac Asimov, have speculated that Moseley would have been deserving of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1916 — a Nobel Prize that in this case was awarded to nobody — if he had not died in the service of the British Army. CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 12 ! 11 CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 12 ! 12 Generating X-rays - Characteristic! Characteristic Transitions and Nomenclature! CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 12 ! 13 Characteristic Transitions and Nomenclature! •  •  •  •  K - Electron from L shell fills hole in K shell K - Electron from M shell fills hole in K shell L - Electron from M sh...
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