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Unformatted text preview: XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 26 ! 28 Particles! ! ! ! ! ! ! •  Sprinkle a dust of particles onto a stub with a double stick pad mounted –  What possibility is there that a representative sampling of the original powder is being imaged –  Need to consider a better way to ensure a quality result CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 26 ! 29 Nucleopore Filters! ! ! ! ! ! ! •  Polycarbonate films with well controlled uniform holes (~0.2µm holes work well) –  Prepare dispersion of particles in water (or other dispersant) –  Use vacuum filtration apparatus to pull suspension of particles through filter, leaving uniform, non-agglomerated dispersion of particles on filter –  Cut section of filter –  Roll onto stub prepainted with carbon paint •  Carbon paint wicks through pores of filter providing conductive pathway –  Carbon coat to complete specimen preparation CBEMS 164 – XRD, SEM & Microanalysis: Lecture 26 ! 30 Sampling Particles/Powders! ! ! •  ! ! ! ! •  Prepare very dilute dispersion of powder Use vacuum filtration apparatus to filter particles with nuclepore filter •  Reduced tendency for...
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