Spheroidite bainite iron iron carbide when austenite

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Unformatted text preview: hanges within actual processing steps produce a range of structures. Bainite, formed at lower temperatures than pearlite, consists of finer microstructure Coarse pearlite Fine Pearlite Bainite Iron – Iron Carbide Pearlite If pearlite or bainite structures are held at elevated temperatures for sufficient Cme, the cemenCte phase will change shape, morphing the overall lamellar structure to that of a precipitate structure (spheroidite). Spheroidite Bainite Iron – Iron Carbide When austenite is rapidly cooled (quenched), a metastable structure is formed (martensite) in which the BCC structure is transformed to a body- centered tetragonal structure (BCT) (a≠c). Note that no diffusion of C is involved in this transformaCon. The quenching temperature and precise %C influences the resulCng microstructure and mec...
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