As temperature increases the magnitude of thermal

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Unformatted text preview: d Structure In insulators, electrical conduc4on is largely prohibited due to the existence of a large energy band gap between the filled and empty states (oDen referred to as the valence and conduc4on bands, respec4vely). In semiconductors, the energy band gap is such that electrons can be excited across the gap. Conduc4on is then provided by the resul4ng species, either free electrons in the conduc4on band or holes in the valence band. Band Structure Semiconductors & Integrated Circuits Semiconductors can be doped to modify the band gap and control the flow of electrons in the material. P- type semiconductor: Doping with an electron acceptor N- type semiconductor: Doping with an electron donor Ferroelectrics •  Experience spontaneous polariza4on BaTiO3 - - ferro...
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