Band structure in insulators electrical conduc4on is

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Unformatted text preview: ed electron states Band Structure The occupa4on/popula4on of electronic energy bands (molecular orbital energy bands found in solids) is equally important to energy level in determining electronic proper4es. The existence of par%ally filled or unfilled states is required for conduc4on. The Fermi energy is defined as the energy corresponding to the highest filled level at a temperature of 0 K. The conduc4vity of a material can be related to the presence of the par4ally filled valence band. In metals, electrical conduc4vity is related to the proximity (energy wise) and availability of empty electronic states. External forces (e.g. electric field, temperature) promote or excite electrons into these empty states; the mobility of these excited electrons provides the mechanism of electrical conduc%on in metals. The valence band and conduc*on band overlap in metals. Ban...
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