215a callister 6e ex fluorescent lamps glass coating

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Unformatted text preview: si2on: Energy of electron unfilled states ton o Io h tp ν n h de ci gy r In ne e of Planck’s constant (6.63 x 10-34 J/s) freq. of incident light ΔE = hν required! filled states • Metals have a fine succession of energy states. • Near- surface electrons absorb visible light. Op2cal Proper2es of Materials Reflection is due to electron transi2ons emi^ng photons: Energy of electron IR re-emitted photon from material surface unfilled states “conducting” electron ΔE filled states • Reflected light is same frequency as incident. • Metals appear reflec2ve (shiny)! Op2cal Proper2es of Materials Example: Luminescence Energy of electron unfilled states Energy of electron unfilled states Egap Egap fille...
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