63 x 10 34 js freq of incident light e h required

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Unformatted text preview: treatment. 100 µm Very low thermal conduc,vity (< 1 W/m•K) Op2cal Proper2es of Materials Light has both par2culate and wavelike characteris2cs. Photon - a quantum unit of light hc E = hν = λ E = energy of a photon λ = wavelength of radiation ν = frequency of radiation h = Planck’s constant (6.62 x 10 −34 J ⋅ s) c = speed of light in a vacuum (3.00 x 108 m/s) Op2cal Proper2es of Materials Incident light is reflected, absorbed and/or transmiRed. Io = I T + IA + IR Reflected: IR Absorbed: IA Transmitted: IT Incident: Io Op2cal Proper2es of Materials Absorption of photons by electron tran...
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