All of these are based on increasing solid state

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Unformatted text preview: more duc(le. • Stress Relief: Reduce stresses resulJng from: - plasJc deformaJon - nonuniform cooling - phase transform. • Spheroidize (steels): Make very soB steels for good machining. Heat just below Teutectoid & hold for 15- 25 h. Types of Annealing • Process Anneal: Negate effects of cold working by (recovery / recrystallizaJon • Full Anneal (steels): Make soB steels for good forming. Heat then furnace- cool to obtain coarse pearlite. • Normalize (steels): Deform steel with large grains. Then heat treat to allow recrystallizaJon and formaJon of smaller grains. All of these are based on increasing solid state diffusion at higher temperatures. Based on discussion in Section 14.5, Callister & Reth...
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