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Unformatted text preview: vol. at Tm Tm solid T - - change in slope in spec. vol. curve at glass transiJon temperature, Tg - - transparent - no grain boundaries to scaOer light Adapted from Fig. 14.16, Callister & Rethwisch 3e. Heat TreaJng Glass • Annealing - - removes internal stresses caused by uneven cooling. • Tempering - - puts surface of glass part into compression - - suppresses growth of cracks from surface scratches. - - sequence: before cooling hot initial cooling at room temp. cooler hot cooler -- Result: surface crack growth is suppressed. compression tension compression Ceramic FabricaJon Methods PARTICULATE FORMING GLASS FORMING CEMENTATION HydroplasJc forming: • Mill (grind) and screen consJtuents: desired parJcle size • Extrude this mass (e.g., into a brick) Ao force container ram billet container die holder extrusion Ad die • Dry and fire the formed piece Adapted from...
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