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Unformatted text preview: by sinusoidally- varying EMF source with a maximum amplitude of 125V. The resistance R=100 Ohm, the inductance L = 2x10^- 3 H, and the capacitance C = 0.1 uF. At what frequency (cycles/sec) will the amplitude of the current be a maximum? (1) 7.1 kHz (2) 11 Hz (3) 11 kHz (4) 2x10- 5 Hz (5) 1x10- 5 Hz 5. An alternating EMF source drives a series RLC circuit with a maximum amplitude 9.0V. The phase angle of the current is +45º. When the potential difference across the capacitor reaches its maximum positive value of +6V, what is the potential difference across the inductor...
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