1 20 s 2 50 s 3 11 s 4 10 s 5 80 s 8

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Unformatted text preview: (including sign)? (1) - 0.4 V (2) - 8 V (3) 6.4 V (4) - 12.4 V (5) 0 V PHY2049 Fall11 Exam 2 6. A square metal loop of side length l=0.5m is pulled out of a uniform magnetic field with a velocity of v=2 m/s. The magnetic field has a strength of B=0.25 T and is directed perpendicular to the surface of the loop. One side of the square is aligned with the edge of the field region when the pulling first starts. What is the magnitude of the induced EMF in the loop as it is pulled? B v (1) 5...
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