5 cm as shown in the figure what is the magnitude of

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Unformatted text preview: is sent between two parallel electric plates with an electric field between them of E = - 2x10^4 N/C j- hat N/C . If the electron beam travels perpendicular to the electric field with a velocity of v = 4.2x 10^7 m/s in the +i - hat direction, what magnetic field is necessary (direction and magnitude) so that the electrons continue traveling in a straight line without deflection by the electric field? 5. Part of a long insulated wire carrying current i = 4A is bent into a circular section of radius R = 1.5 cm as shown in the figure. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field (in T) at the center of curvature C if the circular section lies in the plane of the page as shown? (1) 1.1 x 10- 4 (2) 5.3 x 10- 5 (3) 1.7 x 10- 4 (4) 2.2 x 10- 4 (5) 5.0 x 10- 6 6. A series RLC circuit is driven by a sinusoidally- varying EMF source. The current lags the EMF by 30°. What can be concluded about the driving frequency ω? 1 1 1 (1) ω = (2) ω < (3) ω > (4) ω = 0 (5) ω = ∞ LC LC LC 7. A constant current of i = 3A is used to charge a parallel plate capacitor with circular plates of radius R = 1cm. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field at a radius of r = 0.3 cm, which is less than R, in the region between the plates? (1) 3.8 x 10- 6 T (2) 6 x 10- 5 T (3)...
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