Assume that the lenscoating is in air 1 245 2 122

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Unformatted text preview: 1.2 x 10- 4 T (4) 1.8 x 10- 5 T (5) 0 T PHY2049 Fall11 Final 8. Light traveling horizontally enters a right prism as shown in the figure. The index of refraction of the prism is n=1.6, and it is surrounded by air. What is the measure of the angle θ2 that the light deflected from horizontal when it exits the prism? 45° θ1 θ2 (1) 26° (2) 31° (3) 19° (4) 45° (5) 0° 9. An object is placed 40cm in front of a converging lens with a focal length of 60cm. Where is the image? (1) 120 cm behind the lens (2) 60 cm behind the lens (3) 120 cm in front of the lens (4) 17 cm behind the lens (5) 40 cm in front of the lens 10. A thin anti- reflective coating with an index of refraction of n1 = 1.4 is placed on a lens with an index of refraction of n2=1.5. What is the minimum coating thickness in nm needed to ensure that light of wavelength 490nm in air and of perpendicular incidence will be reflected from the two surfaces of the coating with fully destructive interference? Assume that the lens+coating is in air. (1) 245 (2) 122 (3) 490 (4) 175 (5) 88 11. A point particle with charge q is at the center of...
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