0x10 4 j t what electric field e is necessary

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Unformatted text preview: 0.5 F Problem 6 An ion of charge q= +2e and unknown mass is sent into a region with a uniform magnetic field of magnitude B=0.5 T as shown in the figure. The charged ion makes a U- turn in the region of the magnetic field as a semicircle of radius 1 m and exits after a time t=7.8 x10- 6 s. What is the mass of the ion in kg? (1) 1.0x10- 25 (2) 1.6x10- 19 (3) 2.0x10- 25 (4) 1.2x10- 24 (5) 4.0x10- 25 PHY 2049 Spring 2012 Exam 2 Problem 7 A beam of electrons (``cathode rays'') with a velocity of v = 3.0x107 i m/s is sent into a region where there is a uniform magnetic field of B = 5.0x10- 4 j T. What electric field E is necessary (direction and magnitude) so that the electrons continue traveling in a straight line without deflection by the magnetic field? (1) 1.5x104 k T (2) - 1.5x104 k T (3) 5.0x10- 4 j T (4) - 5.0x10- 4 j T (5) 2.4x10- 15 i T Problem 8 An electron moves in the - i direction,...
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