Which of the four quadrants have points in x y plane

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Unformatted text preview: through a uniform magnetic field in the - j direction. The magnetic force on the electron is in the direction: (1) - j (2) j (3) - k (4) k (5) - i Problem 9 The figure shows a rectangular loop of wire of dimensions 10 cm by 5.0 cm. It carries a current of 0.2 A and it is hinged along one long side. It is mounted in the xy plane, and it makes an angle of Θ=30° to the direction of a uniform magnetic field of 0.25 T. What is the magnitude of the torque acting on the loop about the hinge line? (1) 1.0x10- 3 N m (2) 1.3x10- 4 N m (3) 5.0x10- 3 N m (4) 2.2x10- 4 N m (5) 0 Nm Problem 10 A magnetic field CANNOT: (1) change the momentum of a charge (2) exert a force on a charge (3) accelerate a charge (4) change the kinetic energy of a charge (5) exist PHY 2049 Spring 2012 Problem 11 Two wires are aligned with x- and y- axes and carry currents I1 along x- axis and I2 along y- axis as shown. Which of the four quadrants have points in (x, y)- plane where the magnetic field is zero. (a) 2 & 4 (b) 1 & 3 (c) all (d) none...
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