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ENG 111 Winter 2014 HW1 ANSWERS

Qualcomm has no debt and the highest debt is held by

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Unformatted text preview: sands): AECOM: QUALCOMM: TESLA MOTORS: ABBOTT LABORATORIES: OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM: All numbers are in thousands Cash Holdings Long Term Equity Debt AECOM QUALCOMM 450,328 6,142,000 1,089,060 2,021,443 0 36,088,000 TESLA 220,984 411,460 ABBOTT 10,802,163 18,085,302 26,720,961 OCCIDENTAL 1,592,000 7,023,000 124,700 40,016,000 Abbott has the highest cash holdings. Qualcomm has no debt and the highest debt is held by Abbott. Occidental and Abbott have the highest Equity versus Tesla’s very small number compared to the rest. First, It would make more sense to compare each company to its peers operating in the same industry. Cross- industry comparisons are hard to interpret. Second, if we a...
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