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ENG 111 Winter 2014 HW1 ANSWERS

This is a capital structure decision d 1 point

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Unformatted text preview: ect more than one decision. a) (1 point) Hiring a fresh- out- of- college engineer as the CEO. This decision does not concern any of the choices directly. As mentioned in class, many of the important assets a company has, like human capital, is not reflected in the numbers provided in the balance sheet. b) (1 point) Investing the extra cash on a piece of land that is estimated to go up in value versus keeping it in the cash account. Land is a fixed asset and can be considered as a capital budgeting decision. Also, since it is going to be financed by cash, it will affect the Net Working Capital as well. c) (1 point) Deciding whether to borrow from a financial institution versus issuing and selling new stock shares. This is a capital structure decision. d) (1 point) Deciding whether to acquire a smaller competitor. This is a capital budgeting decision. Depending on how it is financed it can be a Capital Structure and/or Net Working Capital decision as well. 3. Assume you started a company few...
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