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Two way anova summary of fit rsquare rsquare adj root

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Unformatted text preview: ed d. The degree of freedom for the model is 3 since there are three levels in the model Here is some JMP output from a two- way anova for the same dataset. We consider the MPG with respect the continent of origin and whether they are manufactured after 2005 (this covariate takes values 0 and 1 where 1 means the corresponding car is manufactured after 2005). Two Way ANOVA Summary of Fit RSquare RSquare Adj Root Mean Square Error Mean of Response Observations (or Sum Wgts) 0.088452 0.076913 5.499904 19.37759 241 Analysis of Variance Source Model Error C. Total DF 3 237 240 Sum of Squares 695.6406 7168.9985 7864.6390 Mean Square 231.880 30.249 F Ratio 7.6657 Prob > F <.0001* Effect Tests Source Nparm DF Sum of Squares F Ratio Prob > F Source Continent Manufactured after 2005? Nparm 2 1 DF 2 1 Sum of Squares 693.64307 1.22094 F Ratio 11.4656 0.0404 Prob > F <.0001* 0.8409 Expanded Estimates Nominal factors ex...
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