Surface waves body waves ps surface waves p waves

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Unformatted text preview: ndaries San Andreas Fault Strike-Slip Faults – Transform Boundaries San Andreas Fault Total displacement of 235 km has accumulated in last 16 million years South of Parkfield, the fault has been stuck since 1857 Fort Tejon earthquake Intraplate Earthquakes Eastern North America Earthquake Waves Wave Terminology Wavelength Distance between peaks km Period Time need to complete one full cycle between successive wave peaks sec Amplitude Amount of positive or negative motion m Frequency Peaks / second Hz Velocity Wavelength x Frequency km/sec 3 Types of Waves Arrive in Distinct Order Body vs. Surface Waves Body Waves (P/S) Surface Waves P Waves Primary/Compressional §༊  §༊  §༊  Sudden jolt 5- 6 km/sec in con0nental crust, 8 km/sec in upper mantle Some0mes heard as low rumbling S Waves Secondary/Shear §༊  §༊...
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