160 million people in 2010 3 per year the population

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Unformatted text preview: t consequence of other events Past events influence future events Posi5ve/Nega5ve feedbacks Rela)onships Among Events §༊  Major events may be preceded by smaller precursor events Rela)onships Among Events §༊  Unrelated variables may overlap to reinforce each other and amplify effect, genera5ng severe event Drama)c Increase in Cost of Natural Hazards Natural Disasters in the United States, 1980 – 2011 2011 Half-Year Natural Catastrophes Review USA (Munich Re) Nigeria How large will Nigeria’s population be in 2015 and 2030? 160 million people in 2010 +3% per year The Population Bomb • Figure 1.11 Increasing Increasing Numbers of Deaths in Developing Countries Population composition in 2000 (worldbank) igure 1.11 • F Popula)on Composi)on in 2000 • Figure 1.11 worldbank Increasing Economic Losses Declining Tornado Fatalities in Developed Countries Living in Harm’s W...
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