5 three waves kill more than 2000 people in chile 6

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Unformatted text preview: m Lake Tahoe, CA •  ~7,000-15,000 years ago •  Blocks 0.5-1 km in diameter moved 10-15 km across the lake bottom Tsunami from Asteroid Impact §༊  §༊  1 km occurs about once every million years 1- km asteroid falling into 5- km deep ocean: §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  Would generate 3- kilometer- deep cavity Cavity walls would collapse at supersonic speeds Kilometer- high waves would crest, break, interfere with each other, cause immense run- up on shore Waves might decrease in size fairly rapidly from impact Typical Wind- driven Waves Tsunami Movement Typical waves Tsunami waves §༊  Driven by wind §༊  Enormously long wavelength §༊  ParCcles travel in circular §༊  ‘Touch bocom’ everywhere moCon that fades in ocean downward §༊  Velocity depends on water §༊  Velocity depends on depth wavelength §༊  Slow down dramaCcally in §༊  ‘Touch bocom’ at shallower water depths less than half wavelength Tsunami Movement Velocity of Tsunami Waves Depends on water depth and gravity C = √gD = 3.13√D where C = velocity in meters per...
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