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6 earthquake on seale fault in victoria 4 meter high

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Unformatted text preview: uakes occur in subducCon zones such as the Peru- Chile Trench. e)  In the U.S., the risk is highest in South Carolina, the central Mississippi River Valley, and the St. Lawrence River Valley. Which of the following cannot produce tsunamis? a)  b)  c)  d)  e)  Submarine landslides Volcano collapses Subduction-zone earthquakes Transform fault earthquakes Asteroids Areas at Risk Major tsunami 1/10 yrs 30 m 1/ 20 yrs Ghost Forests Ghost forest of red cedar trunks Pacific Northwest Historical Record of Giant Tsunami §༊  Earthquake that breaks 1100- kilometer subducCon zone would produce: §༊  §༊  §༊  Magnitude 7.6 earthquake on Sea[le Fault:...
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