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Driven by wind enormously long wavelength parccles

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Unformatted text preview: §༊  Krakatau, 1883 §༊  Mountain exploded in enormous erupCon §༊  Waves as high as 35 m hit Java and Sumatra §༊  More than 35,000 people killed Volcano Flank Collapse (>100 m) Hawaii, Mt. Etna, Marquesas, Reunion, Canary Islands (100,000 yrs) Fast- Moving Landslides or Rockfalls §༊  §༊  Can displace immense amounts of water and generate tsunami Height of fall is more important than volume of mass that displaces water Lituya Bay, Alaska, 1958 Lituya Bay, AK Submarine ‘Storegga’ Slide 8,100 yrs ago, 11...
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