A the risk is highest in subduccon zones such as the

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Unformatted text preview: rthquake magnitude Area of rupture zone Rate and volume of water displaced Sense of ocean floor moCon Depth of water above rupture Size of earthquake- generated tsunami in open ocean is limited to maximum displacement (offset) on fault §༊  §༊  VerCcal offset of 15 m from M8 earthquake Maximum wave height (in open ocean) therefore 15 m Which Regions are at Risk from Earthquakes? a)  The risk is highest in subducCon zones, such as the mid- AtlanCc ridge. b)  The risk is randomly distributed across conCnental crust. c)  In North America, the risk is highest in the Rocky Mountains. d)  The risk is high along the boundaries of convergent, divergent and transform tectonic plates. The most powerful earthq...
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