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389 dams in narrow valleys flood overtopping of

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Unformatted text preview: ca1ng structure 2008 Senate regulaQon requires homeowners to buy flood insurance if levee breach will flood their home Environmental Protec1on §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  Intensity of future floods can be reduced by protec1ng rivers and watersheds Current restricQons: building or encroaching on floodway must not raise level of 100- year flood by more than 1 foot Waste disposal, storage of hazardous materials, soil- absorpQon sewage systems are prohibited in both floodway and flood fringe 1994 federal commiOee recommended moving levees along lower Missouri River back 600 m, floodplain being restored in wildlife- habitat project Managing Flood Flow through Levees Mississippi River Flood, 2011 (2008) p. 384 Trapping Debris Flows §༊  §༊  §༊  Best...
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