A 1 in any year b once every 100 years c 1 in a 100

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Unformatted text preview: near the top of the levee to prevent overtopping. e)  Metallic walls that are placed into the ground rust and fail aHer two or three years. Land Use on Floodplains §༊  §༊  People seOle on floodplains for cheap land, ferQle soil, views Tendency to underesQmate risk: §༊  §༊  Forget major floods soon, believe that similar floods unlikely again soon Believe that flooding unlikely if has not occurred lately What is the probability that a 100 yr- flood will occur in the Yellow River basin? a)  1% in any year b)  Once every 100 years c)  1% in a 100 years Federal Government Pays For §༊  §༊  §༊  Levees Disaster relief aHer floods Rebuilding at same locaQons The Great Mississippi Flood 1993 April- October, 15 billion $US, >75% of locally- or state- built levees damaged Submerged U.S. 54 near Jefferson...
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