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Helens 19802010 scene of volcanic explosion in recent

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Unformatted text preview: four engines, fell 7,000 m before engines restarted Lava Creek Ash, Yellowstone 642,000 yrs ago Pyroclas1c Flows Mayon, Philippines 1984 Pinatubo, Philippines 1991 Lateral Blast / Surge Death by Heat, Abrasion, Impact; Less dense than pyroclas1c flow Mt. Pelée, Mar1nique, 1902 >28,000 dead Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, A.D. 79 earthquakes, rising ground aYer 700 yrs of dormancy Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, A.D. 79 Pyroclastic Flow No Place to Hide Ash plume from secondary steam explosions Accompanying ash cloud Fine ash and steam Dilute ash cloud surge continues over surface of sea Pumice flow Ash takes in water Violent explosions as ash mixes with seawater Sea Heavier mass of ash and water continues across sea bottom Stepped Art Mount St. Helens 1980–2010 §༊  §༊  Scene of volcanic explosion in recent history Well studied...
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