And groundwater level detected by satellite remote

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Unformatted text preview: ations of gases rarely reach populated areas Poisonous Gases Mammoth Mtn., CA Crater Lake Nyos 1986 Cameroon, West Africa CO2 ‘river’ 50 m thick, 16 km long Volcanic Smog (VOG) Extinct/dormant Volcanoes Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines pre 1991 §༊  §༊  Dormant for 500 yrs Deeply eroded, unconsolidated pyroclastic-flow deposits Forecasting Volcanic Hazard Monitoring of §༊  Seismic activity §༊  Land surface §༊  Gas emissions §༊  Thermal, magnetic, and hydrologic properties Geologic history Seismic Activity §༊  In a reawakening volcano, magma must fracture previously solidified igneous rock above magma chamber Monitoring S...
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