A in the eye b just outside the eye in the eye wall

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Unformatted text preview: tal 195 34?? Ike from The InternaBonal Space StaBon Largest- diameter hurricane ever measured 3.6- meter- high surge arrived 20 hours before storm Where in a hurricane are the winds strongest? a)  in the eye b)  just outside the eye (in the eye wall) c)  half way out to the outer fringe of the hurricane d)  at the outer fringe e)  center of the surge Ike’s Landfall near Galveston, TX (2) LocaBon of deadliest US hurricane in 1900 >8,000 deaths p. 449 Storm Surge and Wind Speeds Bolivar Peninsula Despite mandatory evacuaGon, 48 people died and 3500 needed rescue Coastal damages $27 billion, 3rd costliest 1900- 2011 p. 451 Wave Erosion of Beach & FoundaBons Storm Surge carried water and debris across barrier island and into lagoon ContaminaBon of Water Aside from flooding, what damages do NOT accompany the surge of a hurricane? a)  b)  c)  d)  e)  Buildings, bridges, and piers...
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