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Acids and Bases 2013

Calculate the ph of a 0055 m hno3 b 0455 m hcl

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Unformatted text preview: 6) 3) 7) 4) Can you name the 8 strong bases? 1) 5) 2) 6) 3) 7) 4) 8) Problems: Strong Acid Problem 1. Calculate the pH of… a. 0.055 M HNO3 b. 0.455 M HCl Strong Base Problem 2. What concentration of Ca(OH)2 will yield a pH of 10.20? 3. What concentration of RbOH will yield a pH of 10.20? Page 2 of 4 Becky Mitchell (rfm64) Max Young (mty5) CHEM 111 11/10/13 Weak Base Problem 4. Calculate the pH of a solution of .10 mol of NH3 with .10 mol NH4+ in a 1.00 L container (Kb = 1.8 x 10 ­5 for NH3) Weak Acid Problems 5. Uric acid can collect in joints, giving rise to a medical condition known as gout. If the pKa of uric acid is 3.89, what is the pH of a .0150M solution of uric acid? 6. Morphine is an effective painkiller but is also highly addictive. Calculate the pH of a .115 M solutio...
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