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Unformatted text preview: l-[ = Wa Qct, ll i- Page 7 Page 8 This should be "DTFT". But in fact, you are not expected to know how to use the DTFT for HW 1; so the correct approach to solving this problem is to let x[n] = e^(j\omega n), in which case H(\omega) = y[n]/x[n]. Of course, you do get the same answer. (i*-? * iP. r., )+ = \:t"tl* = Gto trt .,tt [t.-*S + Lp1t < + L,rrS f + = lw)4 b 1+ ; tqk '1, 'D It*Ax*tP,rJr<+C*tx = .Gg-7+t) .ft = &? [email protected]' a \L.y'@d (*YalnZ yruhs H fr"s* = ry s*lnq *WJ nL .^{ '9 Page 9 The correct approach to solving this problem for HW No. 1 is to let x[n] = e^{j \omega n}, and to assume that y[n] = H(\omega) e^{j \omega n}. Then solve for H(...
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