11 figure 22 b of the think the climate as a

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Unformatted text preview: interest frequency is fc = 1500 Hz, according to sampling theorem, the sampling frequency must be at least twice as much as fc . Let the sampling frequency be fs = 2fc = 3000 Hz. Then the cutoff frequency for high-pass filter is ωc = 2πfc 2π × 60 π = = fs 3000 25 Note: In order to avoid aliasing, the signal should be filtered by a low-pass filter with cutoff frequency 1500 Hz first. 11 Figure 22: b) of the Think the climate as a continuous function of t. If we take 12 samples per year, it means we sample the function by fs = 12 samples/year. Suppose the climate function (signal) has a periodic component due to an...
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