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BIOL 121 (2009) Fall Exam 3+ Key

B bacteria do not release dna into the environment

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: MULTIPLE CHOICE – circle the correct answer(s) PLEASE NOTE THAT MORE THAN ONE ANSWER MAY BE CORRECT 1) A heterozygous pea plant (AaBbCc) is self fertilized. These loci assort independently. What is the probability of an offspring having the dominant phenotype for all 3 traits? A. 56.25% B. 42.2% C. 75% D. 33.3% (3 pts) 2) Lederberg and Tatum's experiments demonstrated that A. bacteria can acquire genetic material from each other. B. bacteria do not release DNA into the environment for other bacteria to take up. C. bacteria must be in physical contact in order for bacteria to exchange genetic material. D. the genetic transfer occurred when the bio+, met+ phe- thr- strain transferred DNA to the bio- met- strain. E. All of these observations were made by Lederberg and Tatum. Answer: A (3 pts) 3) Directional selection ___________; stabilizing selection ___________. A. eliminates diversity; maintains diversity B. promotes speciation; hinders speciation C. is very uncommon; is very common D. selects for the genotype with greatest fitness; selects for rare genotypes E. favors one extreme; favors neither extreme (3 pts) 4) Homeotic genes A. maintain homeostasis B. code for transcription factors C. determine the major axes of an embryo D. determine cell fate E. determine segment fate (3 pts) 2 BIOL 121 NAME: Exam 2 11/04/09 5) The...
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