BIOL 121 (2010) Spring Exam 3

A hybrid offspring have lower fitness b hybridization

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Unformatted text preview: species has 9 segments while the other has 12. Which class of developmental genes would you expect to differ in expression between these species. A. Maternal effect genes B. Gap genes C. Pair- rule genes D. Segment polarity genes E. Homeotic genes (3 pts) Enhancers A. are proteins that bind specific regulatory elements to activate transcription. B. are regulatory elements that are bound by specific proteins to activate transcription. C. are found in the nucleus eukaryotic cells. D. recruit the ribosome to mRNA to initiate translation. E. enable specific transcription factors to enter the nucleus in response to hormone binding. (3 pts) 4 BIOL 121 Exam 2 04/26/2010...
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