BIOL 121 (2010) Spring Exam 3

B are regulatory elements that are bound by specific

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Unformatted text preview: (RF/RS) or homozygous RF/ RF for the 5- α- reductase gene experience male pattern baldness but heterozygous females do not experience baldness and homozygous RF/ RF have thinning hair only very late in life. A. Maternal inheritance B. Extra- chromosomal inheritance C. Genetic background D. Sex- linked trait E. Genetic linkage (3 pts) 6) Blending inheritance is incompatible with the theory of evolution by natural selection because it A. causes non- random mating B. contradicts Mendel’s ‘Law of segregation’ C. causes populations to become LESS fit (lowers fitness) D. contradicts observations of chromosomes E. eliminates variation (3 pts) 7) 8) The exact same structural and regulatory genes are involved in development of two isopod (rolly- poly bugs) species. However, one...
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