BIOL 121 (2010) Spring Exam 3

You notice the mutations that you have isolated are

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Unformatted text preview: o static (not evolving) populations E. Assortative mating due to female preferences of divergent calls may have lead to speciation (3 pts) total 30 points 5 BIOL 121 Exam 2 04/26/2010 NAME: SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS ONLY A FEW SENTENCES – AT MOST – ARE NEEDED FOR A COMPLETE ANSWER TO EACH SECTION 11) In an alien species, eye colors can be black, white, or gray. A white- eyed mother and a black- eyed father have all gray- eyed children. (A) What genetic pattern is most likely demonstrated here? (3 pts) (B) A gray- eyed couple has two babies: one white- eyed and one black- eyed. Does this confirm or deny your answer to part A? If necessary,...
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