BIOL 121 (2011) Fall Exam 3 + Key

Answer grader will need to see if the answer makes

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Unformatted text preview: one of the traits obeyed the law of segregation. E. The formation of gametes in plants occurs by mitosis only. (4 pts) total 42 points 5 BIOL 121 Exam 3 12/5/2011 NAME: SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS ONLY A FEW SENTENCES – AT MOST – ARE NEEDED FOR A COMPLETE ANSWER TO EACH SECTION NOTE: For all questions, factors such as the preciseness of your answer, legibility, the inclusion of incorrect information, or faulty logic could have affected the total points awarded for a given question. Below are the answers provided by the author of the questions as well as additional notes from the graders of each question that should hopefully help you decipher why you might have missed points on a given question. 12) You have identified an important gene affecting the wing spot color on a species of butterfly. The gene, abl4, has two alleles that you name (+ and - ). The true breeding + phenotype is a blue spot while true breeding – phenotype is a red spot. The blue allele is dominant to the red allele. When true breeding males are mated to true breeding females, all offspring are red. What matings would you need to do to see (a) if there is gene imprinting and (b) if color spots result from maternal effects. Briefly explain why these matings would allow you to draw these conclusions. Note: More than one mating could be needed to demonstrate the above effects. Answer: Grader will need to see if the answer makes sense as there are multiple possibilities for each. (a) Gene Impr...
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