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Increase safety reduce severecertain crash types 4

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Unformatted text preview: destrian movements Disadvantages: 1. Add delay 2. Encourage disobedience (red light running) 3. Sends volume to other routes 4. Reduce safety 5. Increase Rear End crashes 6. Require operation and maintenance Problem 6 a.) Modes of operation 1. Pre-timed i. All times are pre-set and doesn’t change ii. Used in work zones or areas with very uniform traffic conditions 2. Semi-Actuated i. Detection (usually loop detectors) on minor approach ii. Used when there is high traffic volumes on major approach with low traffic volumes on the minor approach to introduce gaps for the minor approach while providing the most green time to the major approach 3. Fully-Actuated i. Detection (usually loop detectors) on all approaches ii. Used when there is high traffic volumes on all approaches and it is variable b.) NEMA Numbering Diagram...
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