solve and iterate solution with these the corrected

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Unformatted text preview: B = 934.9462 By=935.2182 + dYB = 935.1730 Cx= 1014.6641+dXC = 1014.65 Cy= 899.7266 + dYC = 899.6567 4 [ % Matlab script solution %least squares problem hmwk 10 clear; clc; % constant seconds/radian rho = 180*60*60/pi; %input measured values AB=91.84; AC=101.34; BC=87.15; AZAC=(90+81.68); AZAB=(90+135.14); AZBC=(AZAB-180+68.852); %input initial coordinates Ax=1000; Ay=1000; Bx=934.9008; By=935.2182; Cx=1014.6641; Cy=899.7266; while max(abs(X))>.001 && stop<2 %declare matrices A=zeros(6,4); L=zeros(6,1); %Calculate distances and azimuths based on coordinates AB0=((Ax-Bx)^2+(Ay-By)^2)^0.5; AC0=((Ax-Cx)^2+(Ay-Cy)^2)^0.5; BC0=((Bx-Cx)^2+(By-Cy)^2)^0.5; AZAB0=(180+atand((Bx-Ax)/(By-Ay))); AZAC0=(180+atand((Cx-Ax)/(Cy-Ay))); AZBC0=(180+atand((Cx-Bx)/(Cy-By))); %Fill in values 5 % Row 1 A(1,1)=(Bx-1000)/AB0; A(1,2)=(By-1000)/AB0; L(1,1)=AB-AB0; % Row 2 A(2,1)=(Bx-Cx)/BC0; A(2,2)=(By-Cy)/BC0; A(2,3)=(Cx-Bx)/BC0; A(2,4)=(Cy-By)/BC0; L(2,1)=BC-BC0; % Row 3 A(3,3)=(Cx-Ax)/AC0; A(3,4)=(Cy-Ay)/AC0; L(3,1)=AC-AC0; % Row 4 A(4,1)=rho*(By-1000)/AB0^2; A(4,2)=rho*(Bx-1000)/AB0^2; L(4,1)=AZAB-AZAB0; % Row 5 A(5,1)=rho*(By-Cy)/BC0^2; A(5,2)=rho*(Bx-Cx)/BC0^2; A(5,3)=rho*(Cy-By)/BC0^2; A(5,4)=rho*(Cx-Bx)/BC0^2; L(5,1)=AZBC-AZBC0; % Row 6 A(6,3)=rho*(Cy-Ay)/AC0^2; A(6,4)=rho*(Cx-Ax)/AC0^2; L(6,1)=AZAC-AZAC0; %solve X=A\L %update coordinates Bx=Bx+X(1); By=By+X(2); Cx=Cx+X(3); Cy=Cy+X(4); stop=stop+1; end 6 4) Ph...
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