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Coordinates bxbxx1 bybyx2 cxcxx3 cycyx4 stopstop1 end

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Unformatted text preview: otogrammetry (25%) a) The measured photographic distance ab = 2.5 inch and the corresponding actual ground distance is AB = 13200 ft. What is the photographic scale? b) A 1:20000 aerial map is obtained using a camera with a focus length of 6 cm. What is the flying height? 1 6 cm hf 20,000 → hf = 6cm(20000) = 1.2 km = c) Compute the area of a triangular parcel of land whose sides measure 50.28 mm, 91.1 mm, and 68.47 mm on a vertical photograph taken from 6250 ft above the ground with a 150.4 mm focal length camera. Converting the photograph distances to actual distances, ⁄( ) Actual distances: 637.02 m, 1154.2 m, and 867.5 m 7 Using Heron’s formula for the area of an irregular triangle, A=√ = 284,200 m2 where 1329.35 m is half the perimeter of the triangle 8...
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