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Unformatted text preview: ees Debra every morning and acts if hes see after weeks. 7 Baddeley & Warrington (1970) ‐ serial position effects in free recall in amnesics and controls • Amnesics had a reduced LTM component, but normal STM component dissociation of LTM and STM LTM (but not STM) relies on MTL 2) Shallice & Warrington (1970) ‐ patient K.F. had damage to left parietal lobe * Digit span of 1‐2 items! dissociation of STM from LTM * normal on LTM tasks 1 & 2 together reflect a double dissociation between STM/LTM 8 Aside: Not all recency effects are due to STM (e.g., long‐term recency effects) e.g., 1) Baddeley & Hitch (1977) ‐ rugby player’s recall of teams they have played in the previous year shows a recency effect. this recency effect can’t be due to STM 2) Watkins et al (1989) ‐ a continuous distractor (CD) paradigm (number counting for 10 seconds after each study word), followed by free recall Word1 Counting (10s) Wo...
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