Faces 5 neuropsychologicaldissociations

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Unformatted text preview: mory Related Neuroanatomy Thalamus Fornix hearing Temporal Hippocampus Occipital visual Parhippocampal Gyrus Parahippocampal Gyrus places inside temporal lobe Amygdala fear/emotion Fusiform Gyrus processing faces if damaged- cant tell between faces 5 Neuropsychological dissociations between STM and LTM 1) Milner (1966) ‐ HM * deficit in LTM * normal digit span (STM) Dissociates LTM from STM 6 Amnesia – patients exhibiting a long term memory impairment in the absence of other cognitive deficits (e.g., IQ – MQ difference of more then 20 points) Distinct from dementia patients who typically show additional cognitive impairments. Clive Wearing – a herpes encephalitis patient s...
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