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Unformatted text preview: ditional experiments on STM discussed in text: What is the duration of STM? several seconds What type of information does STM hold? phonological information speech sounds Is there a ‘real’ distinction between STM and LTM? William of Ockham (1349) ‐ Ockham’s Razor or “the principle of parsimony” select the simpler model (e.g., 1 rather then 2 boxes) trumphet tweezer turtle binder investment carpet parrot cardboard A ‘dissociation’ would provide evidence for a real distinction (e.g., a variable has different effects on two different tasks or processes), and a double dissociation would provide very strong evidence 2 The Serial Position Curve ‐ probability of recall as a function of study position everyone is virtually better at the beginning and the most recent items the middle of the list ar...
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