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2 the defendant the person business or public entity

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Unformatted text preview: o, attach Form SC-103. 2 The Defendant (the person, business, or public entity being sued) is: Name: Steven McPheters Phone: ( 626 ) 4457721 CA 91803 City State Zip City State Zip Phone: ( Street address: 500 W Vally Blvd ) Alhambra Street Mailing address (if different): Street If more than one Defendant, list next Defendant here: Name: Street address: Street City State Zip City State Zip Mailing address (if different): Street Check here if more than 2 Defendants and attach Form SC-100A. Check here if any Defendant is on active military duty, and write his or her name here: 3 The Plaintiff claims the Defendant owes $ 420.00 . (Explain below): a. Why does the Defendant owe the Plaintiff money? The Defendant hired the Plaintiff to do repainting for new house and the defendant offered $250 rather than $420 to the Plaintiff after the Plaintiff worked two days b. When did this happen? (Date): 9/10/1996 If no specific date, give the time period: Date started: Through: c. How did you calculate the money owed to you? (Do not include court costs or fees for service.) the salary for a three-man crew for 14 hours at $30 per hour Check here if you need more space. Attach one sheet of paper or Form MC-031 and write “SC-100, Item 3” at the top. Revised January 1, 2012 Plaintiff’s Claim and ORDER to Go to Small Claims Court (Small Claims) SC-100, Page 2 of 5 Case Number: Plaintiff (list names): Terry Tentinger 4 You must ask the Defendant (in person, in writing, or by phone) to pay you before you sue. Have you done this? Yes No If no, explain why not: 5 Why are you filing your claim at this courthouse? This courthouse covers the area (check the one that applies): a. (1) Where the Defendant lives or does business. (4) Where a contract (written or spoken) was made, signed, performed, or broken by the Defendant or (2) Where the Plaintiff’s property was damaged. where the Defendant lived or did business when (3) Where the Plaintiff was injured. th...
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